How to Use Unlocked Firestick & Stream Movies

Recently, firestick is getting accolades among the users for their fascinating entertainment offers. Coming up with competitive streaming services over leading service providers, Fire TV & Firestick have gained a huge spot in the streaming entertainment division.

It would be surely aggravating one when you are ready to stream your favorite movie/show, but that peculiar content is unavailable because of location. Many users are facing this issue and getting an obstacle in loading their favorite choices. It is a very common thing that geo-blocking certain contents in the streaming services.

amazon fire tv unlocked and loaded

amazon fire tv unlocked and loaded

For those who are unaware of geo-location restriction, it means some of your favorite channel apps/shows are available to selective selections only, and unable to stream from random locations.

We are going to illustrate to you some simple solution to get unlocked firestick/Fire TV using the VPN.

Advantages of Using VPN in Streaming

Surely, the best thing about VPN is tackling the geo-blocking feature in streaming devices. Simply, the VPN will show a virtual factor that all the data from the streaming device are transferred through a server of the selected location, in which a data transmitting location is created.

The Internet service provider may use some throttling methods to slow down the network connection for certain apps. But by enabling VPN, you can increase the streaming speed, by eliminating the ISP throttling.

How to Use Unlocked Firestick?

Follow any one of the below methods to use SaferVPN in your computer,

Turning out the PC/Mac Computer as Wi-Fi Hotspot for a Firestick

In this step, you are just using your Windows/Mac computer as a router for your firestick by setting up a virtual hotspot.

  • Connect your computer to the Wi-Fi internet network and install the SaferVPN in your computer
  • Login to your saferVPN account using the necessary credentials
  • Select your choice from the available servers and then tap the connect button
  • After connecting to VPN, your next step is to convert this computer as the internet source for your firestick
  • Turn on the hotspot option in your computer
  • In the meantime, now connect your firestick to the TV and land on the Amazon FireTV home menu
  • Access the settings and go to the network option
  • You may now see the SaferVPN name in the available networks
  • Click the network name, enter the credentials and then connect

Pre-installed Router

Some flash routers are available, where the SaferVPN is already present. You don’t need to do the above settings, and straightaway you can turn on the router and connect your firestick instantly.

In addition to the instructions, if you want to get assistance from our team about getting unlocked firestick, call our toll-free number +1-844-920-4357 or visit Amazon Fire Stick Setup

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