Amazon Fire TV Issue – Optimizing System Storage And Applications

It is common for different kinds of streaming devices to face issues occasionally, and displaying some errors amid your programs. Got this pop-up on your TV with a loading bar, optimizing system storage and applications? Then read on further to jump away from this trouble with some simple steps.

Recently, seen that many users are facing ire with this peculiar error, because of the persistent single loading bar display on their TV.

optimizing system storage and applications

optimizing system storage and applications

Why Optimizing System Storage and Applications Error Pops Up?

The primary cause for this trouble is still somewhat not clear, but many users face this error only because of insufficient power supply or power cord related issues. So here, we are coming up with some basic solutions that worked for most of the users.

Simple Steps to Overcome the Error:

Use the original power cord

  • It is always recommended that not only for the firestick but for all the electronic devices
  • Use only the device and accessories that you got from your original package only
  • Altering any of the accessories with some other random brand could result in random failures and affects the device performance
  • Likewise, if you got the ‘optimizing system storage and applications’ on your display, then straightaway replace your existing power cord
  • Also check out the voltage supply for your TV, streaming device and any other
  • Sometimes, problems with the wall power outlet can also lead to these kinds of errors
  • If you suspect that the mistake is prevailing in your power outlet, then, switch your whole device arrangement to another power outlet

Use HDMI extender and power cord

This step is especially for all those firestick users. Yes, you can directly connect the firestick to the HDMI port on your TV. It is capable enough to get sufficient power from the TV itself. But, in some cases, due to voltage drop or any other external factors, the firestick is supposed to get insufficient power.  So, follow the below steps

  • Connect the firestick and your television using the HDMI extender
  • Take the power adapter from your original device package
  • Connect the adapter end to the wall power outlet and another end to the firestick

In this arrangement, the firestick is able to perform very well, without a shortage of any power or any other connectivity issues.

If you have some other concerns and additional queries about solving ‘optimizing system storage and applications’ error, call our team by the toll-free number +1-844-920-4357 to get Amazon Fire Stick Support.

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