How to Fix Amazon Firestick Frozen Error

Amazon Fire TV is delivering a competitive entertaining service among the streaming brand tycoons. Even though the device is designed in a robust way, it is a very normal thing to have faults in the device and one such fault is the Amazon firestick frozen error. You may face this error with your computer usage, as sometimes it gets stuck amid multiple programs and further you have to restart. The same error with the fire TV is termed as firestick frozen.

Amazon Firestick Frozen

Amazon Firestick Frozen

It is very aggravating one, that getting frozen in the middle of our favorite shows on the fire TV. Don’t stumble to overcome this error as you can refer below to find some simple yet effective steps to get rid of the Amazon firestick frozen error.

Steps to solve the Amazon Firestick Frozen Error

Troubleshoot the remote

In the first place, do this simple remote checking step. Troubleshoot the remote by checking out the batteries, pairing with the Fire TV or any other defects. Rectify the necessary one and check to navigate on the firestick.

Reconnect the firestick

If the fault is not with the remote, then unplug the firestick from your TV and reconnect again after a while. In case of fire TV streaming device, turn off the device, remove and power cord and connect again.


If your remote works properly, then you can simply reset the fire stick using remote

  • Press and hold the select & play button simultaneously for a few seconds
  • You will receive a message on the screen and the fire TV will automatically shut down
  • After a few seconds, it will restart and works from the beginning
  • By doing this, you can simply reset without plugging and unplugging the firestick from your TV
  • You can also restart the device using the menu options, Settings->Device->Restart in the fire TV menu

Always use the power adapter

Connecting the firestick directly to the TV port is not a recommended one. It’s because, in some cases, the firestick will get insufficient power from the TV output. And, maybe because of this, there are chances of freezing. So always use the power adapter, connect one end to the firestick and the adapter to the power outlet.

Check the HDMI extender

Similar to the previous step, use the high-speed HDMI cable that you have gotten from the package. Using any other random HDMI cable will lead to freezing of the content that is loading. Ensure your TV port is defect-free or not, otherwise, try to connect the HDMI cable to other available ports in your TV.

Miscellaneous errors

Some users may face some faults, such as remaining in the Fire TV logo screen for a long duration. In that case, wait for some time duration until the content loading. If it takes too much time, then go for the above-mentioned steps. If you have turned off your fire TV device during the software update, then leave the device for some time duration rather than turning on immediately.

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