Control Fire Stick without Remote through Amazon Fire TV App

Fire TV Stick is one of the current renowned streaming devices among users. Because of its smaller size and easy connectivity to the TV, many people prefer to use the Fire TV stick to get their interesting entertainment contents. Usually, you need a separate remote to connect your Fire TV stick to the Wi-Fi but, you can do this step without the remote too. Know how to control fire stick without remote with the help of this article.

Control Fire Stick without Remote

Control Fire Stick without Remote

Download your Remote App

  • With the help of fire TV remote app on your smartphone, you can easily operate and navigate options in your fire TV
  • Get the remote app for the fire TV from any of the following sites
    • Amazon App Store
    • Google Play Store
    • Apple App Store
  • The biggest gain by using the remote app is that the app is available totally at free of cost and then, you also don’t need to buy a separate remote with the batteries

How to Control Fire Stick Without Remote

  • Using the Fire Stick remote app is not at all an arduous task as you have to install and control it over the smartphone
  • After installing, open the app and scan for the available fire TV devices
  • For this, you have to connect your remote app with the same Wi-Fi network in which the fire TV is connected
  • Find your fire TV device in the app and then, select it
  • To establish this connection, your fire TV will display a unique code on your TV
  • Enter this code in your app and make a secure connection
  • To control fire stick without remote, you need to operate the remote

How to Navigate Channels Using the App

  • Same like the hardware remote, in the remote app you will virtual buttons
  • By swiping and tapping these buttons, you can easily operate your fire TV
  • So, to navigate from up to down or left to right, just swipe the button pad
  • To select an option, click the middle button in the pad
  • To find the connected remote apps on your Amazon Fire TV device, go to the settings and in the ‘Controllers and Bluetooth devices’ option, select the Fire TV remotes option to view

Enabling the Voice Search Option

  • You can get the voice search in the manual remote
  • But this feature is not available in the normal remote that comes up in the fire TV package
  • You have to buy it separately
  • But with the use of a remote app, there is no need to buy a separate remote
  • Both the keyboard input option and voice search can be used via the remote app
  • Click the phone keyboard button which is available in the upper right corner of the app
  • This is to use the virtual keyboard option
  • And the notable thing is the voice search option
  • It is only available in the following countries UK, USA, Japan, India, Germany, and Austria

Play Games Using the Remote App

  • With the remote app, you can also play the games
  • But Fire Stick remote app is exclusively made for the channel navigating purpose only, and thereby the performance will be somewhat poor
  • A separate gamepad is always recommended to play the games

If you want to learn more about how to Control fire stick without remote, feel free to reach us by the toll-free number +1-844-920-4357 or visit Amazon Fire Stick Setup.

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