Do you Want To Know Amazon FireStick Update 2018

Amazon FireStick Update 2018


If you think it has been a long time since you have glanced at Amazon’s streaming device, then here is a FireStick Update 2018 just for the fans. Equipped with Amazon’s inimitable voice assistant Alexa, the hardware has been beefed up further. The voice functionality is supported across apps. Overall, the device comes with easy navigation, faster interface, and a well-integrated Alexa.

With its ever-expanding portfolio of products, the Fire TV Stick is still the cheapest streaming device and provides a great experience with its current OS. The 4k-capable budget-friendly Amazon Fire TV stick takes the cake when you want ultimate home entertainment.

FireStick Update 2018

FireStick Update 2018

Features overview

The current interface is snappy and fast. Access the apps that you require on a regular basis. You have the recipe for one of the best streaming devices on the planet when you top it up with the platform’s rich search library that is available through Amazon video. Over the past four years since its release, the streaming dongle from Amazon has grown and sees a room for improvement each time. The remote’s voice search is a good option since the device encompasses a large library of apps. All in all, the Amazon Video is a safe haven and you will find a lot of media and entertainment lined up just for you in this affordable streamer.


For those who have used the device before, in terms of the physical feel Firestick update 2018, you will be able to gauge your expectations. Designed to plug in directly into the HDMI port on the TV, the stick measures just 85.9 x 30.0 x 12.6mm in LWH. It is slightly bigger than the standard HDMI cable, and it is also accessorized with a male to female HDMI cable for best fit. For powering the device, you can use the micro USB port at the back. There is also a power adaptor included in the box along with a long USB cable that can reach your power strip from where you have placed it.


Since its antecedents, there has been a significant internal Firestick update 2018. Now, the device uses the 802.11ac standard that is faster than the previous 802.11n. Further upgrades are:

  • Dual core to quad-core CPU
  • Dolby jumps to 5.1
  • Bluetooth goes from 3.0 to 4.1


A lot has changed since a voice control button has been added. It is simple to use. Just hold down, summon Alexa and speak your choice. Without having to type anything on the on-screen virtual pad, you can actually search for the exact show that you wish.


While most of the device’s performance depends upon the speed of your internet, the Firestick Update 2018 has seen to it that once you find something that you want, it loads almost instantly. The hardware is speedy and scrolling through the menus is delightfully fast. The user interface is pretty straightforward as is the home screen. You will find the recent shows right at the top and other content and apps as you scroll down.


Setting up the Amazon Fire Stick is as simple as it always gets. Plug the USB cable into the power source and the streaming device into the HDMI slot on your TV. Receive instructions for setup on the screen and pair your Alexa with the device to hook it up to your home network. Sign in to your account and you are absolutely ready to watch all the entertainment that you want.

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