How to Use Alexa to Control Amazon Fire TV?

Are you a subscriber of Amazon Fire TV streaming service? With Alexa, you can easily take control of your fire TV. Send commands by scrolling through your TV shows and channels. Your ultimate requirements to enable this feature are the Alexa device, Amazon Fire TV, and a TV. The following information is all about how to control Amazon Fire TV with Alexa.

Amazon Fire TV with Alexa

Amazon Fire TV with Alexa


Is it Important to Have Amazon Fire TV with Alexa?

State of the art technologies are accruing every day and Amazon echo device is now in the top of the trend pipeline. With this single echo device, you can perform multiple features. It gives a flexible control for the audience with just voice commands. This is a great start for the next generation and makes a great sense for the device usage. All you need is the Alexa device with a strong internet network. That’s it, you are now a multi-tasking nerd.

Amazon is not in a stable and fixed state of their tech releases. They are always pouring their efforts to reach the next level of advancement. Echo devices are launched as speakers, but at present, it comes with video-enabled options.

How to Connect Alexa to your Fire TV?

In the first place, to control your Fire TV using Alexa, link the Fire TV stick to your Alexa enabled device using the app. Follow the upcoming simple steps to link your Fire TV.

  • To begin with, get the Alexa app in your smartphone or tablet from the app store. Install the app, and click the menu option in the upper left corner.
  • In the drop-down options, tap the Music, video & Books, and select the fire TV tab under the Video category. After the previous step, click the ‘Link Alexa Device’ option, to see the available fire TV devices in the list. Select your device name in the list to make a connection.
  • Now, the available Alexa devices will be shown with a checkbox to take control of the fire TV. If you have multiple echo devices, then select your own choices to link with your fire TV. After tapping the options, click the ‘Link Devices’ option to finish the connection process.
  • Finally, the linked devices will be shown in the app and by availing this, you can connect or disconnect Fire TV and Alexa as per your own choice.

Steps After Connecting Alexa to your Fire TV

After establishing the connection, you can easily search your favorite movies, shows and music. You can perform this just with the voice commands, rather than tapping the buttons on your remote. By simply saying the title with the end word of ‘Fire TV’ at each phrase, you can easily navigate your options in the fire TV. If the ‘fire TV’ word is not included in each phrase, then the mentioned show will play on the echo device instead of the television. The user must use the end word for an effective search.

If you require more information about how to use Alexa to control Amazon Fire TV, you can seek the technical support anytime. Call and take voice support from our experts by ringing the toll-free number @ +1-844-920-4357 or visit Amazon Fire Stick Setup.

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