Amazon or Chromecast – Which one?

Which of these either Amazon Fire TV Stick Vs Chromecast – Streaming devices are the best?

Which streaming device is right for you best streaming device comparison Amazon Fire TV Stick Vs Chromecast ?Having a hard time figuring out? Connected to that big glowing TVthere are another couple of devices every year vying for a spot on your entertainment shelf.

Best Streaming Device – Chromecast

Chromecast: The Chromecast now looks much more like a hockey puck after having started out as a USB-drive sized stick. Circular in shape, the device kinda just hangs from its cable next to your TV instead of jutting straight out of the HDMI port and has an HDMI cable protruding out from it.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Vs Chromecast 2017

Amazon Fire TV Stick Vs Chromecast

Google doesn’t plan on spending with the Chromecast Ultra from it’s a classy little design. There’s a simple and smaller Google logo now that instead of a big Chrome logo on the front. This appears on all of Google’s hardware.


  • The device is 2.29 inches (58.20mm) across
  • A pretty small 0.53-inches (13.70mm) thick

The Chromecast devices do not come with a remote.To help it deal with the amount of bandwidth required for streaming 4K content the Ultra’s plug is equipped with an Ethernet port. To stream, content Chromecast uses your smartphone or computer. Your computer or phone turn into a remote.It makes the whole process a lot easier and while it cuts down on functionality, it’s kind of a cool concept.

It does mean that there is often a bit of a lag between you pressing a button and it actually taking place since your phone is acting as a remote over your home network

You can stream content from literally any website if you use Google Chrome on your computer.So even if the service you’re streaming with doesn’t officially have support for Google Casting, you can mirror a Chrome tab, and still enjoy that service’s content on the big screen. The display of an Android phone can also be mirrored. Casting directly from supported apps can be easy. The Amazon Prime Instant Video is a big omission which has to be cast from a browser. Other than that all the major apps have been inbuilt into the Chromecast functionality.

Best Streaming Device – Amazon

Amazon Fire TV: The Amazon Fire TV at a size of 1.5 x 5.9 x 0.7-inches (38.4 x 150.7 x 16.7mm). Looking a lot sleeker than the Streaming Stick’s remote, the Fire TV Stick’s remote has quite a fewer buttons.

The simple button selection includes:

  • Playback controls
  • A navigation controller
  • Voice button
  • User interface controls

Quickly control the device with the press of a single button with the addition of voice controls and make up for its simplicity. Only a limited number of the device’s apps support this. You can get a dedicated gaming controller for the Fire TV Stickwhich may be a little more comfortable if you intend to play a lot of games on your device if you’re willing to shell out an extra $50.

You won’t have any issues of course if you’re sticking to major services like Netflix and Hulu– for the big streaming players, all three of these devices offer plenty of support.

The Roku Streaming Stick is the real winner in the apps department though it’s nice that so many services are starting to support Google Cast and the Fire TV Stick. Here we have made a comparison between Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Chromecast choose your best streaming device. For more detail about Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Chromecast call us at 1-844-920-4357 or visit us at

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