Know How to Turn Off the Voice View Feature in the Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick Voice View Turn Off

Do you want to know about the Voice View feature when you are browsing about the Amazon fire stick voice view turn off? This is actually a screen reader for Fire TV devices where the on-screen text is read out loud when you are navigating menu options and settings on fire TV. This comes very handy for old people who find it tough to navigate between the settings to set the device!

Amazon fire stick voice view turn off

How do we Turn on and get the Amazon fire stick voice view turn off?

Use the Back and Menu buttons which are located on the top row found in the remote regarding the Voice View Feature. Once you press this button combination, the voice view ready feature comes out instantly. A handy tutorial feature is actually available which will help you use this feature and button location for your Fire TV remote!

Voice View Navigation

  • When you are navigating this feature, you can select this choice and Voice View automatically speaks and describes what you have selected!
  • Use the Home button which is found on the remote.
  • The menu options list the videos, movies, TV shows, and apps which are listed clearly.
  • There is also an enhanced navigation option and control which will go on the review mode and which will let you use the description like on the screen text. The Review mode can let you move between the navigation options like the plot or cast information like the customer ratings, lists etc. The voice view option lets you to get access to usage options.

Here are some additional tips and examples of how you can use VoiceView on your Fire TV.

  • Press the Menu Button for Voice View Tips & More Options
  • Voice View provides usage tips and orientation descriptions to help you better understand the layout of certain user screens, and learn more about using Voice View.

On-screen keyboard & Search

This feature is absolutely fantastic as it clearly lists every character as it is selected. In case, you are having a Fire TV remote that comes with such a button, you can just use this to get your content and interaction with Alexa! This is extremely useful as it helps to retrieve the data easily.

Playback Controls

The Playback controls are located on the bottom row of the three small buttons! For viewing and managing the VoiceView preferences, you can get it from the settings on the Fire TV remote.

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