Turn Your Phone as Remote With Amazon Fire Stick Universal Remote

Are you facing Fire TV remote issues or did you lose it by any chance? Or even don’t want to buy that remote for your Fire TV setup? In that case, get yourself introduced to the Amazon Fire Stick universal remote. This Amazon Fire stick universal remote is not a separate product as you think. This is actually like a virtual remote but you can handle it using your smartphone. By availing this app, you can easily switch, navigate, and control the volume with your own smartphone.

Amazon Fire Stick Universal Remote

Amazon Fire Stick Universal Remote

Steps to Get & Use the Amazon Fire Stick Universal Remote:

Pair your Remote App with the Fire TV

You can easily get the remote app from the Play Store, IOS App Store and also from the Amazon website. Download and install on your smartphone for using the Amazon Firestick universal remote.

First, pair up your Fire TV and the remote by following the Amazon Fire Stick Remote Pairing method,

  • Ensure that you have connected your smartphone and Fire TV to the same Wi-Fi internet network
  • After installation, open the app and search for the available streaming device (Fire TV)
  • Select your device name
  • Now, you may see a code on your TV
  • The remote app will ask you to enter the code and type the code without any error
  • In a few seconds, your remote app will be connected to the Fire TV

You can view the universal remote for firestick TV under the settings, controllers and Bluetooth device, Fire TV remotes.

Handling this app is not a different one or arduous task. This is actually the same as the hardware remote. Just touch, swipe and control your Fire TV.

  • Tap the round button in the middle of the screen to select an option
  • To navigate from the remote app, swipe around the select button for respective actions
  • And don’t click for the navigation, you need to swipe the screen

OS Supporting the Remote App

Following are worldwide Operating System that supports the remote for Amazon Fire TV Stick,

  • Fire tablets
  • Amazon Fire phone
  • Android 4.0 and above versions
  • IOS 7.0 and above versions

Want to Play Games using the Remote App?

Those who are doubtful whether they can use this remote app for playing games or not? The answer is Yes! But actually, it is not recommended to use the remote app for playing other than channel navigation. The universal remote for firestick is a perfect one and is designed for navigation purpose only. Some games might work and others may not. In the end, the game performance controlling will be somewhat poor with the remote app. It is always best to use a separate gamepad for playing games.

Besides the provided information, if you need furthermore information about Amazon Firestick universal remote, call our agents by the toll-free number: +1-844-920-4357.

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