Effective Steps For Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshooting

Amazon Fire Stick is one of the finest streaming service providers in the present trends. A myriad number of worldwide channel contents are available and remains as the one spot destination for all sorts of entertainment. In this fire stick setup process, chances are there to face some amazon fire stick problems due to any hardware or software errors. Go through this blog to get the primary and secondary Amazon Fire Stick troubleshooting steps to resolve any trouble during the device setup process.

Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshooting

Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the Fire TV Remote

In the event of  Fire TV remote not working, first, check your remote control. Especially, if your fire TV display is working, but unable to navigate with the options. In that case, seek instructions from Amazon Fire TV Stick Support or follow the upcoming steps to troubleshoot the remote.

  • Ensure that you have inserted the AAA batteries to your remote and check the batteries are in a working condition
  • If you have connected multiple numbers of remotes to your fire TV, then turn off all the other remotes except the one which is currently using
  • Check the remote usage range and avoid any blocks between your fire TV and the remote, which will affect the remote signal strength
  • Try to pair the remote with the fire TV device again
  • In your remote, hold the home button for some while by pointing straight towards the fire TV
  • The remote will pair up with the device within some minutes

Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshooting For Fire TV

  • You can do the simple restart option by pressing and holding the select button + play/pause button for a while
  • Otherwise, go to the settings option, select the ‘Restart from the Fire TV Menu’ under the device category
  • Even if the trouble is existing, unplug all the wired connections from your device setup. And, do the setup process from the beginning
  • Unplug the power cord from the Fire TV device
  • Again, reconnect with the power adapter and insert the adapter to the power outlet
  • Make sure you are using only the high-speed HDMI cable for connection between your TV and fire TV device
  • For fire TV stick, use the HDMI extender cable and connect with your TV
  • If the FireTV or Firestick not working even after the above step, try connecting the HDMI cable with some other port on the TV
  • Also, check whether the TV port has any defects or not

Stuck with the Fire TV Logo

  • After turning on the device, if you are seeing the Fire TV logo for a longer duration than normal, please wait for further more minutes until the loading process finishes
  • Amazon Fire TV stuck on Amazon Logo may be caused mainly due to not using the high-speed HDMI cable for the TV or unstable internet network connection
  • Alter the HDMI cable and start the initial setup process in your fire TV

Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen

  • Make sure that you have selected the right HDMI port on your TV in which the fire TV is connected
  • If any other devices are in the other HDMI ports, disconnect it temporarily for a while
  • If you connect your device with AVR, ensure that your AVR device is switched on or off and connected with the correct input

Besides the troubleshooting steps, if you are in need of additional support on Amazon Fire Stick troubleshooting, please reach our technical team by the toll-free number at +1-844-920-4357 or visit Amazon Fire Stick Setup.

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