Troubleshoot Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working/Responding Issue

It’s a very common thing prevailing among all the TV users. That is, ‘TV remote not working’. After a certain extent, every TV remote is getting repaired. Likewise, the same problem holds with the Firestick remote. It is always an annoying one, where your Amazon fire stick remote not working amidst your favorite shows to turn up the volume.

Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working

Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working

To solve this trouble with Firestick remote is not a strenuous task. Here we provide you some easy steps to resolve Firestick remote not working issue.

How to Fix Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working?

1. Check your remote batteries

  • This step may feel silly, but many users fail to recognize their remote batteries at first and regret later
  • So, your first and foremost step is to remove the back panel of your remote and check out your batteries is fixed correct or not and holding with enough power
  • If the remote is not working, even after fixing it to the appropriate position, then simply replace the batteries with a new set
  • Always use branded batteries for your remote
  • Otherwise, the remote’s performance will surely get downfall causing firestick remote not working

2. Pair your remote with the device

  • In most of the cases, in the package itself, the Firestick device comes up by pairing with the remote
  • So, if your Firestick remote not working, try out for a manual option to pair
  • Follow the below steps to pair your Amazon remote,
    • Insert the Firestick to the HDMI port of your TV
    • Power on your Firestick and TV
    • Press and hold down the home button in your Firestick remote for 10 seconds
  • Also, you should know one thing, that Firestick can be connected only up to 7 devices via Bluetooth
  • So, check out, that if you have already connected 7 controllers or not
  • If yes, then remove any one of the devices and try out to pair again
  • You can view the connected controllers by,
    • Settings->Controllers & Bluetooth-> list of available connected devices

3. Firestick remote compatible one/damaged

  • Many users may buy a separate remote for their Firestick
  • They have to check out whether their remote is a suitable one for their Firestick or not first
  • Using a random remote brand always fails to connect with the Firestick
  • And probably, this trouble is happening for many users mainly because of the damage
  • Remotes are always more prone to damage, and it’s a very common thing
  • If the damage is the sole reason for your trouble, then it is better to replace the Firestick remote with a new one

Final Back Up Option

So, you need a Firestick remote instantly? Right? Then your final back up option for Amazon fire stick remote replacement is the Amazon Fire TV remote app and with this app, you can easily use your smartphone as the remote by swiping on your screen.

In addition to the provided solutions, if you need furthermore support from our side for Amazon fire stick remote not working issue, call our team by the toll-free number – +1-844-920-4357.

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