Install and Enjoy Amazon Fire Stick Netflix!

About the Amazon Fire Stick Netflix App

Netflix is irresistible and if you have a high-end Fire Stick device, you will definitely want to install Netflix on to it. The process is not complex. Get the Amazon Fire Stick Netflix app to stream content in HD while taking advantage of a range of other features, the device has to offer.

Amazon Fire Stick Netflix

Amazon Fire Stick Netflix

Netflix App Installation

  • To get the Netflix on Fire Stick device, you just have to go to the ‘Search’ icon on the main interface of the device and type ‘Netflix’
  • At another time, Netflix can be seen under ‘Featured Apps & Games
  • Generally, if you have already previously, downloaded it, Netflix would be available under the ‘Apps’ section
  • The other options where you can search for Netflix are:
    • Spotlight
    • Top Free
    • Top Grossing


  • After searching for the most relevant answer, Netflix’s name appears; click on it to install or download
  • If you are still unable to see it – go to the ‘Movies & TV’ tab on the top and then right to ‘Apps & Games
  • Once you see it, select the app and click ‘Download’ directly
  • You can also go through ‘Overview’, ‘App Details’, ‘Reviews’ and ‘Similar Apps’ for other options
  • Choose ‘Download’ and the app gets downloaded on to the device; then select ‘Open
  • Thereafter, a ‘Sign in’ screen is automatically visualized, where you have to enter the credentials that you possess with Netflix
  • Here, you may either start your free month or just sign into your account
  • To complete your ‘Sign in’ process, enter your email ID at the field that flashes ‘Email Address’ and then click on the ‘Next’ button to enter the password

Netflix Not Playing

  • The Amazon Fire Stick is a robust device that is seldom prone to errors
  • But if you think that the channel is not loading, or just about buffering too much, then chances are, the Netflix on fire stick is not functioning properly on the device

Primary Solution

  • An immediate solution for the Amazon fire stick Netflix would be to go to ‘Settings’ on the device’s main screen and then click on ‘Applications’
  • From here, choose ‘Manage Installed Applications’ and then scroll down to ‘Netflix’
  • Thereafter, press the app’s icon and select ‘Force Stop’
  • Then press ‘Clear Cache’ and go to the Fire TV’s home screen
  • Here, open Netflix again and the videos should play properly


  • Another solution to the issue, if the steps mentioned under ‘Primary Solution’ do not work would be:
  • Choose Settings, then Applications and then go into ‘Manage Installed Applications’
  • Now, once you click on ‘Netflix’ select ‘Uninstall’ and then reach out to the main menu
  • Click and reinstall the app for it to function appropriately
  • After uninstalling, Netflix requires you to sign into it once again, because it is considered as a fresh installation


  • Apply a simple reset to resolve all the issues with Netflix and Amazon Fire TV
  • Just put everything off, unplug the device, wait for a while and then reconnect and power up everything

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