What To Do When Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Restarting: Quick Fixes

A small device, just the size of the flash drive, the Amazon Fire Stick can be appended to the TV’s HDMI port to stream all of your favorite videos, shows and much more. Watch some premier streaming channels such as HBO, Pandora, Netflix, YouTube, etc., with an internet connection. Let’s check out the features of Amazon Fire TV Stick and how to fix one of the common errors – Amazon Fire Stick keeps restarting by following these simple steps.

Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Restarting

Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Restarting

Device Features

  • Affordable, fast, and stable
  • Works well with Alexa voice commands
  • Comes with an enhanced interface
  • Equipped with a quad-core processor
  • Supports 1080p resolutions
  • Comes with an Upgraded 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Streams a full roster of services

Fix Problems

While the device itself is robust, self-sustaining, and reliable, there are only some issues that might encounter with the device. One of the most common problems – the Amazon Fire Stick keeps restarting. The fire stick keeps turning off without any probable underlying cause related to the hardware.

Power Supply


  • To address the issue, first, check if the power supply to the Amazon Fire Stick is adequate
  • More often users end up plugging the device into the electrical socket with the help of a power strip or extension
  • It is best to remove all these contraptions and plug the device with the help of the power cord directly into the wall outlet socket
  • If the power supply is appropriate, then the device should run smoothly or else your Amazon fire stick keeps rebooting


  • If you are using the HDMI Extender for power supply, then check the cable for faults
  • The device could be restarting again and again if the extender is not accepting enough power
  • Use another charger to charge the Amazon Fire Stick
  • When this works, you know that the extender is faulty and you need another one


  • Always use the plug socket that accompanies the device
  • Amazon Fire Stick’s plug socket supports one ampere current
  • But if you have attached another socket that supports two-amperes then there should be no power shortage to the Amazon Fire Stick
  • Try getting a greater amp

Alternative Solutions When Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Restarting

  • Use your mobile to control the TV if your amazon fire stick keeps rebooting
  • Download the official Amazon Fire Stick remote app on to your mobile and pair the app with the device
  • Go to your phone’s play store to download and install the app and then launch it
  • You must also ensure that the Amazon Fire Stick and the remote are both working on the same internet network
  • Choose the Amazon Fire TV option once you open the app
  • A code is displayed by the Fire TV Stick which you have to enter into the phone’s screen
  • Now, at Settings > Controllers and Bluetooth Devices > Fire TV Remotes – all the remote apps paired with the Amazon Fire Stick will be visualized

Even if you use the mobile app, you should be able to enjoy all of Amazon TV’s services. If the Amazon Fire Stick keeps restarting and you think that the restart issue is persistent, then call our experts at +1-844-920-4357.

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