Guide to Troubleshoot Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen Error

Are you getting a black screen on your device display screen as you connect your Amazon fire stick? Start troubleshooting it right away executing the available troubleshooting guide. As the Amazon fire stick black screen error popup, the display screen will be blank and your streaming will get interrupted.

Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen

Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen

How to Fix Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen?

The error can occur due to a lot of reasons that include improper cable connections, internet issues and a lot more.

For Amazon fire TV stick users who are stuck with the firestick black screen error, we introduce the tips and tricks to avoid it.

Troubleshoot the fire TV black screen errors, connect the device to the TV and enjoy streaming to the best.

1. Reset the Fire Stick Device

  • Take out the device connected to the TV. Wait for a while and then start connecting the device back again
  • Factory reset

It is the best option available for Amazon fire stick users and to perform the reset go to the respective factory settings on your device

2. Internet Connection Error

  • Network or connectivity issues can be one reason for the black screen.
  • Try checking the internet connection settings once and make sure that it is secure and active.
  • Disconnect the devices from the network connection for a while and then start connecting it back again

3. Check the Cables that You Use

  • If you have already connected the Amazon fire stick device to the TV, check the cable connections
  • Suggest you use good quality cables that can offer you better output and it is important to ensure that all the cable connections are tight

4. Avoid Placing Other Streaming Devices

  • If you have any other devices kept around your Amazon fire stick and TV, try to place it away as it may interrupt the wireless signal
  • Ensure that you slide the Amazon fire stick device to the right port on the TV. Suggest you to also try using other ports to connect the Amazon fire stick device

5. Overheating

Do not allow your device to get overheated and as the chances of firestick black screen errors are more. It is better to avoid continuous usage of your device

6. Check the Device Software

Try checking the device software version as the old software version can be a reason for the error. Latest devices that arrive in the market today has the new software version.

If the above tips don’t seem to work out on fire tv black screen, try using a new Amazon fire stick device.

You will get an idea about the Amazon fire stick device compatible to use with your TV as you refer the information available on our web page ‘Amazon Fire Stick Setup‘.

Refer to the above-listed guide to find out the tips to avoid Amazon fire stick black screen error. Speak to our support team for assistance by ringing the toll-free number +1-844-920-4357.

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