Amazon Fire Stick Setup

Amazon Fire Stick Setup and Support

Recently, Amazon introduced the new Fire TV Stick 4K, which comes with renewed, added features. Now, users do not have to depend on multiple remotes to control their entertainment center. Just accomplish the Amazon Fire Stick Setup and use the device’s remote to control the volume on the TV. You can even to switch it ‘On’ or ‘Off’.  Check with our Amazon Fire Stick Support team for more assistance or information to operate the device. Our experts are available 24 / 7.

Top Features of Amazon Fire Stick

With several upgrades to its credit, the Amazon Fire Stick today is not just a device, but a companion. With the inimitable support offered by Alexa, the virtual assistant that is remote-enabled, users have more than just entertainment in their hands. Consider it a privilege to own the Amazon Fire TV Stick especially if it is 4K. Some of the biggest features that set the device apart from the competition are as follows.

Fire TV Remote App

Compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, users can download the Fire TV remote app, to enhance their entertainment. It also enables easy text entries and smooth navigation.

Apps and Games

Amazon offers many apps and games free with the device. Get the best of Hovercraft, Alpha Guns2, My Colony, Jump Drive, Poker Championship, In War Tanks and much more.

Alexa Voice Search

Integrated with the remote control to the Fire TV Stick, Alexa brings news about the weather, football scores, traffic, playlists, names of films, genres, actors and much more.

Since its inception, the company has ensured that users get a pleasant experience through the Amazon Fire Stick’s interface. Browsing is simpler and faster than ever. The new user interface even encompasses an inclusive approach making it extremely intuitive for the number of apps and services that the device has to offer.


How to Setup Amazon Fire Stick

Here is an At-a-Glance guide to configuring the Fire Stick to the TV and the internet.

1   Identify the HDMI port on the TV and plug the device into it
2   Thereafter, follow instructions visualized on the screen
3   The device, remote and Amazon account have to sync together for completion of the Amazon Fire Stick Setup

Amazon Streaming Devices

Several generations of Amazon Streaming Devices have been released into the market. A lineup of some primary streaming models is as follows.

Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV is a highly scalable device bringing solid support for HDR followed by great design, and the superior Dolby Atmos. The device is of reasonable price and is the perfect answer for beginners. Activated with a simple plug-and-play process, this is also one of the most efficient ways to stream content into the TV. The device is fairly generous offering viewers a fair share of the inimitable Amazon Prime Video. Obtain some premium entertainment here, on-demand along with some of the latest blockbusters as well.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick comes with an easy-to-navigate interface powered by a well-integrated Alexa Voice Assistant that is pretty handy. Alongside a speedy interface, the device also offers a harmonious search functionality across apps. Offering a solid streaming service to its users, the Amazon Fire TV stick lets users access apps required on a steady basis. The user can insert the device directly into an HDMI port available on a smart TV. In case the device is too bulky to fit behind the TV, use the male-to-male HDMI cable provisioned by the company.

Amazon Fire Stick 4K

A marked enhancement from the previous Amazon Fire TV Stick version, the Fire TV Stick 4K is capable of superior 4K HDR streaming.  It also comes with a 1.7GHz quad-core processor and an 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip. Providing brilliant value for money, users can stream in 4K instead of standard resolutions. An all-new Alexa Voice remote adorns the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Get the Amazon Fire TV Cube to experience the future of Home Entertainment. With a solid voice control option the device plays back in 4K HDR, and even comes with a TV/AV center. It combines the salient features of the Fire TV with Alexa to provide some of the best streaming services ever. You can almost replace the remote completely with the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Amazon Fire Stick Setup


Accomplish the Firestick setup easily with the help of the guide available on our website

Perform the Amazon Fire Stick Account setup and create an Amazon Account, before configuring the Fire Stick



Open the box and visualize its contents as:

  • The Amazon Fire Stick Setup device
  • USB micro cord + the Power adapter

Note: Utilize the USB Cord flexibly. To power the Amazon Fire TV Stick without using the power outlet, plug the USB into the TV’s port and the other end into the streaming device


  • Alexa voice remote control
  • Batteries
  • Guide booklets to the Fire TV and how to use the Fire TV Stick with the Alexa Voice Remote

Note: The Fire TV offers more than 5,000 apps and games. Check with our Amazon Fire Stick Support team to know more.

1   To start with take the HDMI cable and plug into the TV and then into the Amazon Fire TV Stick
2   Then, to accomplish the Amazon Fire Stick Setup, plug the device into the TV’s port
3   Now the device now starts searching for the remote – a message to the effect is displayed
4   Insert the batteries as indicated and tap the ‘Home’ button to complete pairing
5   Thereafter, press the ‘Play / Pause’ button to begin the Amazon Fire Stick Setup to the network

1   The first screen displays ‘Choose Your Language’
2   From the list, select one
3   Next, the ‘Connect to your Network’ screen appears where the Wi-Fi Network name is displayed in slides
4   Choose the relevant network name and enter the passkey
5   Thereafter, click on ‘Connect’
6   At the ‘Registration’ screen, Click on either the ‘Register’ or the ‘Create an Account’ option to get an Amazon Account

1   The ‘Create an Account’ option leads to the ‘Registration’ screen
2   Here, at the ‘Enter your Amazon Login ID’ field, enter the Email Address
3   Click ‘Next’ and at the ‘Enter your Amazon Account Password’ field, type a strong password
4   Thereafter click on ‘Sign In’
5   Confirm the account and thereafter, choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for password storage at the ‘Save Wi-Fi Passwords to Amazon?’ screen
Note: For those who already have an account, a screen will directly ask for account credentials

1   If you are an Amazon Prime member, you will get unlimited access to Prime Videos, featuring thousands of movies and TV episodes that are included with your prime membership
2   The most obvious place away from home would be a hotel room. If you’re wondering how to connect to the Hotel’s Wi-Fi and Login, Fire TV stick has got you covered
3   The Fire TV stick comes with a unique feature called “captive portal Wi-Fi” access
4   With it the Fire TV Stick will be able to see those hotel networks’ login pages and you’ll be able to enter your guest details on them, allowing you to use the Fire TV Stick on your hotel room
5   The Fire TV Stick can also be used with a console-style gaming controller that is available with the Fire TV

Controls and Settings

1   Choose ‘No Parental Controls’ – with this purchases can be accomplished without a PIN
2   At the next screen select ‘Sign up for Prime’ for getting a Prime membership otherwise click the ‘No Thanks’ option
3   Next, click on ‘Choose apps’ to select and download some preferred apps / channels
4   Alternatively, skip the process and click on ‘No Thanks’ again
5   The device navigates straight to the channel tiles, where users can click and directly subscribe and view their preferred TV channels
6   Once an app is selected a ‘Check Mark’ appears against it
7   To choose sports channels click on the ‘Right Arrow
8   After selecting all the services press the ‘Play / Pause’ button to continue
9   Finally, click on the ‘Download Apps’ button to get the channels to complete the Amazon fire stick setup

Channels Available on Amazon Fire Stick

There are many premium channels available on the Amazon Fire Stick Setup. Some of the more popular and essential ones are as follows:

PGA Tour
Nitro Circus
Red Bull TV
Manchester City
AT & T Watch TV
Demand 5
Now TV
Sundance Now

Latest Blog

For News tune in to ABC, NBC, FOX, USA TODAY, Fox Business, Euronews (English), Reuters TV, Newsy, Apex Sports, The Weather Network and much more.

Education brings NASA, Popular Science and TED TV for the Amazon Fire Stick users.

Get the best musical entertainment with TuneIn Radio, Vevo, Musica Latina, Reggae TV and Spotify Music. Users also get to enjoy BBC iPlayer, Amazon Music, and Google Play Music.

Children can enjoy Pokémon TV,, Just Go to Bed – Little Critter, Kids First, Happykids2, Baby By and Popcornflix Kids.

Food lovers get to watch gastronomic delights such as Simply Vegetarian, Grilling and Smoking, The Japan Food Channel, Mexican Food, Italian Food, Chinese Food, Thai Food, Cake Recipes by, Vegan Life by and much more.

Stay fit and healthy with channels such as Yoga TV, Pilates, Zen TV, Free Fitness Videos, FitYou, Unplug: Guided Meditation and Dailyworkouts.


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